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small ferula galbanifluaGalbanum Resin
Ferula galbaniflua
Crowley associated this scent with the Element of Air, and that is the case when it burns. But raw it is an Earth aroma.  This stimulant resin is taken from the roots of a Persian tree. Galbanum is often used in perfume and in work involving learning, developing psychic abilities, and contacting angels and the dead. In Liber Juratus, this resin is associated with Libra.  This is a soft, thick fluid that has been strained to remove all the bark, plant fibers, bits of jute baling and whatnot usually found in raw galbanum. It's fluid because it contains the full measure of its natural essential oils, up to 60%. It is pure galbanum resin and beautiful for binding incense. Warm it a little to make it more fluid. Try it in Abramelin incense according to the recipe in the German manucripts, historically accurate ketoret incense from the Hebrew Bible, or Crowley's Tetragrammaton incense (equal parts galbanum, storax, olibanum, and onycha). Galbanum is also known as feshook.

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1 oz. pure galbanum resin

Out of stock - I'm on a waiting list to be notified by the wholesaler when they get galbanum back in stock, but I don't know when that will be. I'd be happy to let you know when it comes in if you drop me an email with "galbanum" in the subject. Meanwhile, try some of the essential oil.
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Elemental Magic (Earth & Air)
Working with Angels
Protection Spells