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OpoponaxOpoponax resin
Commiphora holtziana
This wonderful resin is associated with necromancy and with the Mars/ Pluto/Scorpio group (my favorite). Opoponax thus can be helpful in works of protection or when one is besieged, but it is also great for learning secrets and generally acquiring knowledge.  It would be a good scent for meditation.  Despite writings to the contrary, this scent is not poisonous. Opoponax comes from Kenya, where this resin's protective qualities are used to treat snakebite and repel parasites, so it might prove especially helpful against parasitic entities, psychic vampires, and negative thoughts that insinuate themselves into the mind. This resin is sometimes referred to as sweet myrrh or spelled opopanax. After not being able to obtain this resin for some time, I finally have a good source again. These are nice big pieces, and the smell is wonderful - like an especially fragrant and sweet myrrh.

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Acquiring Magic Skills
Perfumes of Pluto & Mars

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