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SandaracSandarac Resin
Tetraclinis articulata
The resin of this North African tree has a fresh, clean smell together with the typically resinous scent of plant gum.  Sandarac got its name from the Assyrian words for "as bright as the moon," which actually refers to a mineral that it resembles. Aristotle thought it came from bees.  Its yellow tears are especially aromatic when heated, and its scent is very relaxing. It is often used as a fixative in woody, pine, or oriental perfumes.  Sandarac has Saturn influence in its association with juniper, it is Moon in appearance, and its scent is of Mercury, having two completely different aspects--fresh and light and heavy and dark. I think these two aspects give it interesting possibilities for use in Moon phase incense. Also known as gum juniper.

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Sandarac resin
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Incense of Saturn, Moon, & Mercury