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Not Your Mother's Stick Incense

This high quality stick incense is as natural as it is possible to make it. I've been using it myself for years but never put it up on the site because I wasn't sure anyone else would want it due to the cost. Lately, though, I've noticed more interest in the better incense, so I decided to risk it. This is an extruded incense - comes out as a rod - so that it does not have any of the smell of burning bamboo that is so characteristic of inexpensive incense. Also, it is pure incense, no fillers and no junk. If regular stick incense leaves you coughing, you'll really enjoy the delicate, natural scents of this incense. The sticks last about 20 minutes, and there are 60 to a box as well as a tiny incense holder - just a grey disk with a hole in the middle, Incense holderbut it is actually biodegradable and works very well, preventing the burning incense from charring anything the little holder is set on. It's made in Japan by Shoyeido, which has been making high quality incense used in Japanese spirituality for 300 years. Yep, it's expensive, but personally, I love the rich scents - they linger but don't soak into the furniture like synthetic stick incense fragrance does. There are two kinds: frankincense and sandalwood. (I discontinued the very small boxes of incense I was selling because I felt that the formulation of the aloeswood stick had been changed. It didn't smell as good anymore.) Top

2004, 2018 Harold A. Roth; No reproduction without permission

High Quality Sandalwood Stick Incense
60 for $30.00

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High Quality Frankincense Stick Incense
60 for $30.00

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Frankincense Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Elemental Magic (Fire)
Sun Incense
Protection Spells

Sandalwood Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Rites of Death
Hermes Incense
Mercury Incense