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Bergamot mint Bergamot Mint ( Mentha citrata) Info

This magick herb is connected to Venus and is sometimes rubbed on money to cause it to return to its owner; some carry a pinch in a wallet or purse for this reason.  It is also incorporated into spells about success.  For instance, a simmering potpourri for business success combines it with basil, cinammon , and patchouli .  Or mix it with lavender , rosemary, and peppermint as an Air potpourri. It is also useful in dream pillows. Top

Non-Magickal Uses

This herb originated in central and southern Europe but is now grown mostly in the northwestern US. This is not the same bergamot as in Earl Grey tea (that is a type of citrus), but it has a somewhat similar scent--pleasant and minty orange (more like the leaves of an orange tree than the fruit) that has been well described as "encouraging."  Its fragrance balances the spirit, helps fight depression and alleviate stress, anxiety, tension, and fatigue, and is said to help strengthen the immune system. It makes a wonderfully calming tea, especially good for the stomach, for relaxing, or for bedtime, either by itself or in combination with ginger root and anise seed.  It is nice in a relaxing herbal bath, potpourri, or for soaps and perfumes, and is a good strewing herb as well.  This herb is also known as Lemon Savory, Orange Mint, Lavender Mint, and Eau-de-Cologne Mint. Top

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Money Spells
Success Spells
Venus Herb

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