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BrugmansiaBrugmansia (Brugmansia suaveolens) Info
A beautiful plant that demands respect, this perennial tropical bush or tree is ruled by the dark side of Venus. The wonderful scent of its large, sensuous flowers can cause nightmares for those who sleep nearby. Historically, this plant is used by shamans in some South American tribes as a tool in divination. It is deadly poisonous and therefore also can have use in baneful magick - a good example of how Venus is not all hearts and flowers.

Brugmansias do not grow by graveyards and are not pollinated by bats, as some internet sources claim. The huge flowers do give off their literally intoxicating scent at night, when they are pollinated by big, fuzzy bugs called sphinx moths. They can be grown in pots. This particular shrub or small tree grows 6-15 feet outside, smaller in pots. While other brugmansias can have toothed leaves, the edges of suaveolens' leaves are smooth. Flowers are 8-12 inches long and are usually white but can be colored. Top

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magick:

Baneful Work
Venus Herb

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