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Coltsfoot engraving Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) Info

This magick herb loves growing around Water and is the most common ingredient in herbal smoking mixtures because it is a demulcent, that is, it is soothing for the respiratory system. Smoking the leaves of coltsfoot has been a remedy for a wet cough since ancient Greece. Coltsfoot is also said to have the ability to cause visions and is typically used in wealth spells and to bring tranquility. Some align this plant with Venus, and thus it is also used in love spells and as an aphrodisiac. Top

In Herbalism

There has been some attempt to ban coltsfoot because it contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which can be harmful to the liver. Its harmfulness is on the order of that of acetaminophen (Tylenol), which has not been banned. Maybe PA-containing herbs are more dangerous because no pharmaceutical corporation has a patent on them. To stay on the safe side, do not ingest PA-containing herbs in tablets, gelcaps, or teas, or if used as a tea, do not use in the long term. One person who got liver damage from drinking coltsfoot tea, for instance, had used the tea 4 times a day for six months. Nausea is often a first sign of liver damage. If you experience nausea upon using this herb, stop using it and give yourself a course of milk thistle extract, widely available at health-food stores and excellent for helping the liver heal. People with liver damage or who have had damage to it in the past should not use this herb. This plant is also known as Coughwort, Hallfoot, Horsehoof, Ass's Foot, Foalswort, Fieldhove, Bullsfoot, Donnhove, and Pas d'âne. Top

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