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Leonotis leonurusWild Dagga (Leonotis leonorus)
This magick herb of Jupiter is supposedly smoked in combination with marijuana by peoples in Africa in order to extend the effects. In South Africa, some women have smoked wild dagga to lose awareness of pain during childbirth; it is also used against snakebite and to keep snakes away magickally.  Besides marrubin, an expectorant also found in horehound, this plant contains a large amount of resin. It might well be this resin that works mechanically to increase the effectiveness of any chemicals found in plants it is smoked with. Bees and butterflies love the flowers of wild dagga. This species has leathery leaves and will become a shrub where it is happy. Top

How to grow it. This shrub is a perennial in zones 8-11 (Deep South, Pacific Northwest, no prolonged temperatures below 40F) and an annual everywhere else. The seeds can take 10 days to germinate. Once the plant has two sets of true leaves and has been hardened off (gotten used to outside temps and sun), transplant to lots of sun, rich soil, and heavy feeding (try odorless fish emulsion) so that this plant can gain its width of 4 ft/1.5 m and height of up to 15 feet/3-4 m (in subtropical areas). It should bloom the first year, but make sure it gets sufficient water. It naturally has a long growing season, so if you want to see flowers on the plant and you live in the north, gradually plant it up to a very large pot and bring it inside in the winter. In spring put it out after all danger of frost is past, and it should flower. Do not water much in winter whether it is inside or outside (in subtropics, winter is dry time). It can be grown indoors in a sunny window and of course will not get anywhere near as tall, not only because it is in a pot but because it loves sun. This is a lanky plant, so if you want it to be bushy, cut it back. The flowers come out in the cooler months, and the plant likes room to get flowers.  If it is crowded, it will just keep on growing up and making leaves.  You can propagate this plant by stem cuttings.  Just cut off a three-inch piece of stem and dip immediately in rooting hormone, which you can get at most gardening stores.  Then stick it in some sterile soil, something specifically sold for growing seeds, that has been wetted with liquid kelp solution. The stem piece should make roots in 2-4 weeks.  General growing info Top

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magick:

Repels Snakes
Jupiter Herb

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