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Belle blanche flower in my upstate NY garden Devil's trumpet (Datura metel) Info

Despite this Venus-ruled plant's fearsome reputation in Western allopathic medicine, its flowers have long been considered a medicinal herb in Ayurveda. This tropical annual plant has flowers that can be up to 7 inches long. They open at dusk and give off a wonderful scent through the night, which shows they have some Moon influence and makes them great additions to a Moon garden.  The flowers last for only one day and are succeeded by spiny, weird seed pods. Datura is one of the baneful herbs. It contains the same chemicals as relatives like henbane or belladonna and should not be ingested. If you wish to interact directly with this plant, try the scent. This plant is also known as Hindu datura, dhatura, and Horn of Plenty. This plant can be 3 feet high and 3 feet wide.   General info about daturas, including how to grow them.   Top

Theory About Flying Ointments

I recently read How Do Witches Fly? by Alexander Kuklin, which had an interesting premise--that flying ointments didn't kill their users because their creators balanced the poisonous ingredients against each other. Both Eclectic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicines have played poisonous herbs off on each other so that their deadly qualities are modified, so I think this premise is quite a good one. The only problem is that the knowledge of how exactly to balance these poisons has not been well preserved. One place to look for information on how poisonous herbs can cancel each other out (i.e., antidotes) is King's American Dispensatory.  Top

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Venus/Moon Herb

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