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Dianthus superbusFringed Pink (Dianthus superbus) Info
This strongly fragrant Venus plant looks delicate but is tough, growing in the Carpathians and other mountains of Europe and Asia. Most dianthus have clove-scented flowers (I had one that smelled like Red Hots), but this one is very sweet, which makes this plant especially good for love magick.  The combination of sweetness and delicacy of bloom with toughness is very Venus. It was called dianthus ("divine flower") by the ancient Greeks because of its fragrance, which helps bring about a feeling of harmony and ease.  Linnaeus' named this superbus because it was his favorite plant--he loved the scent (Linnaeus began the Western system of categorizing plants by their appearance and giving them Latin names). The flowers of this carnation relative have a sweet nectar that children like to suck and it is a classic in the cottage garden.  This magick herb is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine in combination with other herbs to help blood circulation.  The leaves and young herb are also boiled and eaten in China.

How to grow Fringed Pinks: Barely cover the seed. They will germinate in 1-3 weeks at 65-70F/20C. Transplant out to full sun and moist soil.  This is a perennial to zone 4 (northern US) and an annual elsewhere.  This plant gets 1.5 ft tall.  Deadhead (snap off spent flowers) to get more blooms.  This plant likes to form clumps that look like tussocks of short healthy grass when it is not in bloom.  It flowers spring through summer.  General growing information 

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