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Galega officinalisGoat's Rue (Galega officinalis) Info

In medieval and Renaissance Europe, goat's rue was used to cause sweating and thus considered helpful in fevers, especially those from measles and smallpox.  This is probably why this herb is still connected magickally to healing and health.  Culpeper associated it with Mercury, perhaps because it was used to wash the feet of people tired from walking (travel). Reflecting its Mercury connection, in the language of flowers, goat's rue represents Reason.  In Vodun/Obeah, goat's rue is wrapped in a seal of Arielis (pictured, or view larger version here) and carried to compel others to fulfill your commands or wishesSeal of Arielis small.  In Hoodoo, this magick herb has been made into a tea drunk to counteract laziness or just fatigue, and because of its very tough roots, it was considered a good wash for strengthening hair. Top

In Herbalism

Interestingly, goat's rue has also been used by people with diabetes that responds to dietary changes, which might account for how it can decrease fatigue in some people, as it contains no stimulants.  Historically, it has been used to increase milk in nursing mothers, to get rid of worms, and because it is diuretic, to help fight bladder infections. Goat's rue is not the same thing as rue (Ruta graveolens). Goat's rue is non-toxic, except to herbivores, and rue can be toxic. This herb is also known as Herba ruta caprariae, Italian Fitch, and Pestilenzkraut. Top

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