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Green bulrushGreen Bulrush (Scirpus atrovirens) Info

This Neptune herb is a perennial native to eastern North America and grows in sunny marshy areas around ponds, lakes, and streams, and in soggy meadows, so it is great for work combining water and fire. It develops fat rhizomes and will grow up to eight feet tall when it's happy. Ducks like its seeds, and red-winged blackbirds enjoy building their nests in its clumps. It can stand both flooding and some drought (again showing its combination of water and fire). The small green and brown flowers can produce bulbets that can be planted and that have been used by Native Americans for treating insanity. Top

How to grow Scirpus atrovirens. These seeds need light to germinate, so plant them on the surface of moist soil and lightly tamp in. Sow on Winter Solstice (see the Solstice Sowing page).This plant gets 3-5 feet high, but it can be grown in a well-watered pot. General growing info. Top


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