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Harding GrassHarding grass (Phalaris aquatica (P. tuberosa)) Info

A perennial grass that tends to grow along rivers and creek banks, this plant is associated with Neptune. Like P. arundinacea, this phalaris grows from rhizomes (looks like a thick root found near the surface of the soil) and can form thick tussocks. It was introduced to the US from Australia as a forage plant for sheep but has become naturalized in California. Keeping the plant cut will increase its spread horizontally. This seed comes from a wholesaler specializing in wetlands reclamation; it is not developed for forage.Top

How to grow: Barely cover seeds (or simply press into moist soil) and keep at 70F for germination in 7-14 days.  Grow on in cooler temperatures, preferably 60F, and full sun.  This seed germinates over a wide period in order to have more survivors, so not all seed germinates at once. General growing info Top

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