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Glaucium flavum Horned Poppy (Glaucium flavum) Info
The Mars influence on this plant is evident in its burning sap, its love for the Sun, and its very phallic seedpods, the "horns." These are the equivalent of the very female-looking round pods of other poppies and can be up to 1 foot long. They grow out of the center of the flower (you can see them starting in the picture) and split open to release their seeds when they are ripe, making this plant a wonderful representative for maleness. This poppy loves the seashore and is a native of European coastal areas.  It does not like to get too cold. Its latex is very harsh and was once used to eat away warts; it does not contain any opiates.  The seeds provide a long-burning oil for lamps. Although this plant is a perennial, it is often grown as an annual, as the flowers will appear the first year.Top

How to grow Yellow Horned Poppy. This seed germinates easily in 2-3 weeks.  Transplant to sandy soil and full sun.  It will form a rosette of thick leaves up to 1ft/30cm long and flower stalks up to 2ft/60cm tall bearing 3''/7cm flowers.  This poppy hybridizes easily.  It is a perennial in the Deep South and Pacific Northwest; elsewhere, consider it an annual. General growing info.  Top

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Male Fertility Charms
Mars Herb

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