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Japanese poppyJapanese Poppy (Papaver miyabeanum) Info
This perennial poppy comes from the northern islands of Japan and is associated with Papaver nudicale and P. radicatum. It gets only 3-4 in/7.5-10 cm tall and forms tufts of rough, gray leaves. The pale yellow flowers come out in May and June and are about 1 in/3-4 cm across. They turn into small round pods with bristles that look like they were all combed forward.  This Moon plant is another good poppy for rock gardening and enjoys well drained, sunny, rocky areas.  Wetness in winter will kill it, but it often reseeds by itself. Top

How to grow it: Sow in early spring for flowers the same year. Barely cover seeds in moist soil. They will germinate in 2 weeks at 68-70 F/20 C. Transplant seedlings to a permanent location in full sun when several true leaves form (after the first set of leaves). Let pods dry on the stem and break them open to collect the seeds.  This plant is perennial in zones 5-7, but you can treat it as an annual, since it will bloom the first year. General growing info Top

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