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Kola nuts Kola Nut (Cola acuminata) Info

A Mars herb because it is warming, stimulating, and red, kola nuts have been used in West European herbalism to treat depression, to help sustain the mind during long tasks, as an astringent, for migraine, and for anorexia (because it is tonic to the digestive system). Kola nuts are still chewed as part of religious and social rituals in various cultures. This plant contains caffeine (more than coffee, less than guarana) and theobromine (the active principle in cocoa) and is often combined with damiana, scullcap, or oats. It was once considered a substitute for alcohol in people dependent upon drink and for nicotine in smokers. This is the real thing, because American soft drinks are not flavored with the nut anymore; they use a petrochemical "flavoring" instead. These whole kola nuts from Africa have an earthy, kola taste that is surprisingly satisfying. These are also known as Gurru/Guru Nuts and Bissy Nuts.  

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