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Madwoman's Milk (Euphorbia helioscopia) Info
This colorful and odd annual plant is generally credited to Mars for its highly self-protective nature and because it was once considered an aphrodisiac, but a good argument could be made for an association with the Sun as well, on account of its (greenish) yellow flowers and their shape. The name "helioscopia" indicates that it follows the Sun, but it actually does not. Although the milky sap of this herb has been used to eat away warts, it burns and can cause ulcerations in skin. It is toxic enough that bees have to become accustomed to gathering nectar from this plant, or they will get sick from it. The latex is so bad tasting that most animals will not eat this plant and poisonous enough that it has been used to tip arrows, but ants love the seeds and will carry them off to eat. Generally, this plant's action is far too violent and its positive results too little for it to make a good medicinal herb. Its magickal qualities are another matter. Top

How to grow Euphorbia helioscopia (Wartweed). Sow at 70 degrees, and it germinates in 7-14 days.  This plant likes to grow in disturbed or cultivated ground that is rich in nutrients.  It gets 1.5 ft tall and flowers May through September. This plant can be invasive in the garden and is considered a weed in some areas.  General growing info Top

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