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Morus alba seedsWhite mulberry (Morus alba) Info

White mulberry is dedicated to Athena/Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, and the fruit is sacred to her. The fact that this tree bears fruit allies it with Venus, and birds, which are dedicated to Venus, love mulberry fruits, so this is a good tree for honoring her and for bird magick. According to Ovid, red mulberries got their color from the blood of two doomed lovers; white mulberries are blood free.:) This is the mulberry that silkworms like to eat, so consider it for magic involving wealth.

This native of China is a fast-growing tree that reaches about 35ft/10m tall and the same around. The shiny green leaves turn yellow in the fall and are the favorite food of silkworms. Birds, which are of course dedicated to Venus, especially love the fruits, which can be white, pink, or violet. On some trees the fruits are very sweet; on others, they don't have much taste. The ripe berries are soft and sticky; the unripe berries are dry and hard. They don't have the tartness of other types of mulberries. This tree is often planted with other fruit trees that humans like better as a kind of bribe to get birds to leave the other fruits alone. The ripe fruits make a good wine, the young leaves are edible as a cooked vegetable (through away the cooking water), and the bark is sweet enough to chew. The leaves can grow in various shapes--either oval or lobed. This tough tree is tolerant to drought, to urban problems, and to salt, but it can't stand shade. Having said that, I lived in a place where a white mulberry was growing up through a huge Norway spruce. Top.

How to grow white mulberry. Seeds germinate in 9-14 days, depending on the season. This tree likes full sun and moist, fertile soil. Don't plant by your door or car, because the dropped berries stain if they are violet. Mulberries from seeds give better plants than those from cuttings. This plant grows by producing suckers - shoots from the roots - and can be invasive. Mowing around it will keep suckers in check.  General growing info Top

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring Athena
Bird Magick
Money Spells
Venus Herb

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