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Rhaetian poppyRhaetian Poppy (Papaver rhaeticum) Info

This small poppy got its name from the Roman word for the province of their empire that covered the Alps south of the Danube: Rhaetia.  It grows at high altitudes amongst the rocks, often where rock has recently fallen. It's a small and bristly perennial with reddish orange or golden yellow flowers 1.5-2 inches/4-5 cm across. The long pods break into seven parts.  Its preference for high, cold, rocky areas shows a Saturn aspect, but the 7 parts of the pod, the slight hairiness, dissected leaves, and the quickness with which this plant springs up after rock falls make it Mercury. Its medicinal qualities, if any, are not known; if you have knowledge of them, let me know. This plant is hardy in zones 5-7, or right in the middle of the temperate zone--not too hot, not too cold.  It blooms May through July. Top

How to Grow It

Germinate like any poppy. Plant out in full sun and well drained soil (although I grew it in rocky, heavy clay). This plant gets only 8  inches high.  It likes to grow amongst chalk and limestone and is good in a rock garden.  People in the Rockies might find this a nifty perennial. General growing info Top


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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Saturn/Mercury Herb

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