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Round cardamomRound cardamom (Amomum kravanh) Info

This is not the cardamom we Westerners are familiar with but a member of the ginger family that grows in Southeast Asia. The thin, easily cracked pods contain a wonderful, perfume-quality camphor scent that makes this herb perfect for Moon. The shape is also nicely Moon, complimenting the scent. This is a very good substitute for camphor resin, especially when you want to avoid the harsher qualities of camphor. Use for dreamwork, developing psychic ability, or rooting around in the subconscious. In China, this seed is chewed to promote beneficial sweating, as when one has a cold coming on; for digesting cold foods; to prevent miscarriage, because it is an anti-spasmodic; and to work against Shigella. Grind or crack open these little moons to release their fine scent. This spice is also known as Cambodian cardamom.  

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Psychic Work
Moon Herb

Other spices: cassia, grains of Paradise, juniper berries, nutmeg, peppercornsstar anise

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