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Scopolia bloomRussian Belladonna (Scopolia carniolica) Info
This clump-forming perennial is a typical Saturn plant that grows in the woods and likes shade and damp, stony hillsides. Although it is one of the baneful herbs, it was once a popular aphrodisiac and was spread over dance areas at country festivals because people thought that anyone who danced on it would be aroused, even though medically it was considered an anti-aphrodisiac. Once again, we see a combination of deadly Saturn influence and Venus love magick. Scopolia roots have been used in place of mandrake roots in Romania, so this plant would make a great addition to the East European witch's garden. 

Scopolia carniolicaThis native to Central and Eastern Europe looks a lot like a belladonna plant. It has nodding purple-brown flowers the same color as a a belladonna's but the fruit is more like a henbane's. It has more alkaloids than belladonna, which makes it pretty dangerous.  In the past, this magick herb had medical uses as a cerebral sedative for manias and drug addiction; it potentiates other sedatives and was a component in the aneasethetic that produced Twilight Sleep in the early 20th century.  But this type of anaesthesia was dangerous enough that it was abandoned - the active dose is less than 1 mg. Top 

How to grow Scopolia carniolica. This seed is hard to germinate. Wet and wring out a paper towel and fold seeds up in it, pressing gently so that there is good contact between the seeds and the paper towel. Put in a cheap (thin) baggie folded closed (not ziplocked) and keep at 64-71F/17C-21C (room temperature) for 4 wks. Then move to refrigerator or give outdoor treatment for 6 wks. Then shift to room temperature to germinate in 2-3 weeks. Check daily for germinating and plant each seed as soon as it does, being careful not to touch the root. Some people like to use moist peat moss or moist sand instead of a paper towel. You can also plant these in the fall outside.  It should be planted in rich, moist soil. This plant grows 1-2ft/.3-.5m high.  General growing info. Top


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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Love Magic
Baneful Work
Mandrake Substitute
Saturn Herb

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