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Toothache plantToothache Plant (Spilanthes acmella) Info
Although this herb is considered warming and stimulating (and likes it hot), which should make it Mars, it is also numbing and has traditionally been used for toothache, so it definitely has a Saturn influence. A topical anaesthetic and anti-bacterial, this herb enhances the immune system's resistance to infections and stimulates wound healing.  It's great for herpes and sore throats and has really cute flowers that look like very compact pompoms.  You don't have to wait for it to reach a particular stage of development before it can be harvested.  You can pick leaves at any time, although the flowers are the strongest part of the plant.  It is non-toxic. This plant is a perennial in zones 10-11 (for instance, southern tip of Florida).  It is killed by frost, so in other areas, treat as an annual, which you must reseed every year. It gets 1-1.5 feet high. Top

How to grow it: The seed germinates in 12 days at temps of 70-90 F (use a heating pad).  It can be grown in a pot, but make sure to pot it up regularly so it doesn't get cramped. It needs full sun to partial shade, rich soil, and plenty of fertilizer.  Since it expands its territory by sending out branches that root in the ground, look for one of this rootings, cut it from the main plant, and pot it up. General growing info Top


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Saturn/Mars Herb

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