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Morning glory engraving Ipomoea tricolor
Morning Glory
Neptune rules this sprawling plant that can overtake a fence like a tidal wave, but lots of people put this plant with Sun because it is a sun lover. One of the happiest plants I know, this cheerful, good-hearted climber or trailer brings clarity of sight and is said to cure nightmares.  The blue trumpets open early in the day and are 4-6"/10-15cm across. Historically, morning glory was used in the New World by native people for divination. When the Inquisition in Mexico realized that the Aztecs did everything they could to maintain their relationship with this plant, they resolved that the only remedy was terror and went on to burn many Indians alive for possessing these seeds, which were often found together with a small statue of a god. Morning glory is good for magickally aiding divination and astral travel. Its flower essence helps smooth out nervous energy and with addictive behavior. In response to customer questions, no morning glory seeds are now or have ever been treated with anything whatsoever. This is a myth. Interested in other Ipomoeas?  Try Moonflower . Top

I. violacea Heavenly Blue How to grow Morning Glory: A tender perennial (grows year-round in tropical areas), this vine is an annual up north, which means it will grow for one year, make seeds, and then die. The seeds should germinate within 2-3 weeks if the soil they're in is kept at 70-85F/24-30C. before you plant them, nick the seed coat with a file or soak the seeds for 24 hours, so that the seed coats can burst open. Start them indoors 3-4 weeks before your last frost date and plant them two seeds to a small pot of seed-starting mix. When they come up, cut off the smaller of the two plants. You can also put them in a paper towel that has been wet and wrung out, fold up, put inside an open baggie, and then rest on a heating pad set on medium (watch out for cats--they find these setups and incubate the seeds to death). Check paper towel for seed germination daily, and then pot up, making a hole in the potting soil for the root (handle by the seed coat), and then gently firming in. Transplant the plants outside 3-4 weeks after the danger of all frost is past. You can also direct seed them outside by planting them 1-2 weeks after the last frost at the rate of 8 seeds per foot and 6"/15cm away from a support and 12"/30cm apart from each other. This vine needs something to grow on (or it can be allowed to trail). Chainlink fences, arbors, and trellises work great. The tendrils look weak but are surprisingly strong and will hoist the plant up telephone guy wires, so don't let them grow near them. This plant will get large when it's happy; consider the weight and make sure whatever it grows on is sturdy. I have had the experience of morning glories pulling down the trellis they are on.  They grow best in full sun to partial shade in temperate zones and in well-drained soil of low to average fertility. High fertility will mean lots of leaves but few flowers with this plant. Ditto shade. Add nitrogen for more flowers. Seed capsules will form where flowers are after the petals die. People have had luck growing this indoors at a sunny window, and I have seen it growing in cities in window boxes on apartment buildings, where it's free to trail.  General growing info. Top 


Ipomoea tricolor
Heavenly Blue morning glory
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Neptune & Sun Herb

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