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Leonurus cardiaca engravingLeonurus cardiaca
This perennial native of Eurasia has long been naturalized in North America.  Motherwort is ruled by Venus because of its devotion to women.  It has been utilized to ease childbirth, stop false labor, reduce bleeding, speed recovery, soothe menstrual cramps, bring on delayed periods, and calm menopausal anxiety. The Cherokee used this magick herb for fainting or hysteria, Iroquois for digestion or as a nerve tonic, and many tribes applied it for menstrual and obstetric problems.  The Eclectics often chose motherwort for palpitations due to nervousness, and some people smoke the dried leaves for sedation; as Culpeper said, "There is no better herb to drive melancholy vapours from the heart."  It is also a protective plant that is good for magick around birthing.  In the language of flowers, it represents secret love, and it makes a green dye for wool.  Top

Motherwort leafHow to grow Motherwort: This seed germinates easily in 7-10 days and can be started in the spring or fall.  You can plant it in soil mix, peat pellets, or directly in the ground.  Or sow on Winter Solstice (see special directions on the Solstice Sowing page). It likes full sun and gets 2-5 ft tall.  It does not like excessive heat and can't grow in Florida.  It self-sows readily where it is happy.  Harvest the herb when it is in bloom, which is in late summer.  General growing info Top


Leonurus cardiaca
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magick:

Birth Magic
Protection Spells, esp. for mothers
Venus Herb

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