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Lilium formosanum flowersLilium formosanum
Formosa Lily
This magick herb is connected to Venus because of its large, lush, fragrant flowers.  In many cultures the lily represents the Goddess.  For instance, the Romans believed that these flowers sprang from spilled drops of Juno's breast milk. In Europe, the lily was considered protective against witchcraft and was hung on the door for that purpose, but it is also connected to Lilith. Another association is with the Earth aspect of Mercury, perhaps because it is a very fast growing plant (flowers often appear the first year from seed) and because it produces bulbs (Earth). Its Earth aspect is used to advantage when the harvesting tools are consecrated with the lily's juice. Some use this herb to break binding love spells, which fits well with its connection to Juno.  

You can make your own lily oil with this freshly fragrant flower, which grows 4-8 inch long and 5-6 per stalk.  Bees enjoy this tall plant (6-7 feet high). This particular lily grows wild in Taiwan, where the bulbs are cooked and eaten like potatoes.  It was introduced to the West in the 1880s.  It is in the same family as the Madonna lily but has wine streaks on the exterior of the flower. Top

How to grow it. The seed germinates in 2-3 weeks at room temperatures.  Plant out in rich, moist soil in full sun or the partial shade.  It grows in temperate areas (zones 5-8) and can't tolerate temperatures below 25F/-3C.  It can be grown in pots in colder areas so that you can take it inside to a basement or garage for the winter.  Give plenty of fertilizer--liquid kelp and fish emulsion are good, and dress with composted cow manure.  Protect it from rabbits, who enjoy eating it.  You can make more plants by dividing the bulbs in the fall of the third year when the leaves have died down for the season, or if you don't pick the flowers, you can snap off the seed pods when they are ripe and plant the seeds.  General growing info Top


Lilium formosanum
Formosa Lily
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring Juno and Lilith
Birth Magic
Protection Spells
Uncrossing / Breaking Hexes
Mercury Herb

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