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BabalonBabalon Oil
The figure of Babalon, or the Scarlet Woman, is strongly tied to blood. Sometimes called the Great Whore because she denies no one, she nevertheless demands the blood of Adept for her Chalice. She mixes the blood of these Saints into the Sabbath wine. She is connected to Binah on the Tree of Life, but whereas Binah to my mind is dry and cold, Babalon is hot and bloody. For these reasons, I chose to use blood as the central reference of this scent. There is plenty of warmth here--ginger, pink pepper, nutmeg, coffee, and more--but there is also the feminine muskiness of angelica root along with musk seed and a number of other natural plant extracts, including myrrh as a reference to the Binah connection and seaweed in reference to Her connection to the Great Sea. Babalon is celebrated in the Gnostic Mass, but in the form of the Scarlet Woman, has also come to be seen as a liberated woman conscious of her power.

Babalon Oil
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Gnostic Mass
Honoring Babalon
Celebrating the Female

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