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Bone FlowerBone Flower Necromancy Oil

Ever since I found out that tuberose was called "bone flower" by the Aztecs, I have been wanting to build a necromantic oil around it. Here it is. This is not your mother's tuberose--for one thing, it's not overpowering. Quite the opposite: this is as subtle as the presence of a spirit in a cold room. This magic oil is based on a very old-fashioned tuberose enfleurage (where the flowers breathe out their spirits instead of being distilled). I also focused on different aspects of the tuberose. Instead of going for more flowery scents, I worked to emphasize the camphorous, and mossy notes. I used quiet citrus like bergamot to point up the high end of the tuberose and help it reach into the cold of the grave with some camphorousness. For that, I incorporated a unique frankincense/cedarwood codistillation, which hits the citrusy notes in the frankincense and the dry cold camphorousness in the cedarwood. Taking that cold dryness a bit farther, I added some camphorous woods like hinoki, which to me is dry, cold wood. The other aspect of the scent is damp stone and moss, and for that I reached for olive leaf, clary sage absolute, and more. Finally, I added a touch of marigold for the sake of its importance in Day of the Dead observances (bringing us back to the Aztec undertone). I really like the way this came out. It is pleasant and steadying without being in any way heavy: it's dry as a bone, perfect for the immateriality of the spirits of the dead. Let me know how you like it. Top


Bone Flower Necromancy Oil
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