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Bone FlowerBone Flower Necromancy Oil

Upon learning that tuberose was called "bone flower" by the Aztecs, it seemed appropriate to build a necromantic oil around it. (Necromancy is simply the magical art of communicating with the dead by summoning their spirits for the purpose of divination. Although necromancy is often portrayed in popular culture as a grotesque occult rite where reanimated corpses or demons are summoned against their will, necromantic practices have existed for thousands of years in countless forms across myriad cultures. For example, to meditate on one's ancestors, inviting them into your mind with a request for their guidance, is a form of necromantic practice.) Tuberose was one of the first Central American plants to be introduced in Europe (early 17th century), and in Victorian England tuberoses were commonly used in funeral arrangements and came to symbolize mourning. In Mexico, bone flower continues to be used to honor and celebrate loved ones who have passed over, especially in Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations. In India, tuberoses are woven into wreaths that are placed upon coffins. This flower's extremely rich and floral aroma, which deepens at night, not only brings sensual sweetness and feelings of calm but also can serve to mask the scent of death.

Unlike synthetic fragrance oil, which can be quite overpowering, the tuberose absolute used in this blend is as subtle as the presence of a spirit in a cold room. Instead of focusing on tuberose's flowery essence, our oil focuses on different aspects of the tuberose, especially the camphorous and mossy notes. Bone Flower Necromancy Oil contains quiet citrus like bergamot to point up the high end of the tuberose while also helping it reach into the cold grave. It incorporates frankincense and cedarwood, highlighting citrusy notes in the frankincense and the dry cold camphorousness of cedarwood. Taking that cold dryness a bit further, we have added some other woods like hinoki. The other aspect of the scent is damp stone and moss, and for that we include clary sage, marjoram, and more. Finally, a touch of marigold is here due to its importance in Dia de los Muertos observances (bringing us back to the Aztec undertone).

This oil is complex, sensual, and steadying--more heady than heavy--yet dry as a bone. Whether you use it to ritually divine with the spirits or simply to bring the presence of a past loved one to mind, this beautifully complex oil is perfect for the immateriality of the spirits of the dead. Top


Bone Flower Necromancy Oil
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Working with the Dead
Communing with Deceased Loved Ones

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