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chesedChesed Oil (Jupiter), Hermetic Qabalah Style

According to the Hermetic Qabalah, this sephirah is ruled by Jupiter and is associated with Indra, Braham, Wotan, the Roman god Jupiter, and the Greek god Poseidon. In Tarot, it is manifested in the fours. Its color is a Jovian royal blue or purple and its stones are of the same colors: amethyst and sapphire. Its perfume is cedar, which makes me think of the cedars of Lebanon that made the pillars of the Temple at Jerusalem. I've combined various types of cedar in this magic oil and smoothed them a bit with undertones of the "glorious odors" of saffron and nutmeg. You can use this oil for meditation on this sephirah as well as for any Work ruled by Jupiter forces, such as materialization, law, dealing with the authorities, or for prosperity and abundance. Or check out my Oil of Jupiter.


Chesed Oil (Sun)
Hermetic Qabalah Style
1/4 oz. (7.5 ml, 2 drams) $15.00

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