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Sky clearingClearing Oil
I was inspired by traditional churchy scents for the base of this oil--frankincense for the Western church in the Old World, myrrh for the Eastern church, and copal for the church in the New World. But since cedar has such a long history of use in holy spaces that are not Christian (such as the cedar pillars in Solomon's Temple) and is a generally uplifting and clean scent, excellent for repelling nasties, I incorporated it in a codistillation with frankincense. In order to be a little more inclusive of yet other paths, I chose bay leaf, which is a good purifier but also has a tradition of spiritual use going back to ancient Greece and was part of the worship of Apollo. This magic oil has lots of solar power in the frankincense, copal, bay leaf, and cedar, but the powers of the Underworld are not forgotten with the myrrh, so it is balanced. Finally, I added some of what is in my experience the absolute best scent for ridding a space of unwanted entities: aloeswood. This oil is a great general-purpose get-lost oil, good for cleansing ritual spaces or for personal protection from hostile entities. Top


Clearing Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $15.00

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Clearing Spaces
Personal Protection

Using Magic Oils

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