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CroneCrone Oil
This oil is to honor the crone here and now. When I think of the crone, I think of someone who has left behind the juiciness (and sloppiness) of youth and ventured into a dry land, one where the dross has been shed or burned away and what is left has been transformed by the experience of life into rich and precious things that last. When creating this magic oil, I started with warming spices, like various types of peppercorn and coriander, which are transformed and enriched in scent by drying. I also reached for "eternal" woods like cypress and cedar, which resist the deterioration of age; they can become bony and dry but maintain their fragrance (spirit/soul) and strength. Likewise, I chose precious woods like sandalwood and aloeswood that develop their rich fragrances over time and have a complexity and depth that is not always appreciated by the young but whose subtle worth is recognized by the rest of us. I had to go through a number of versions to get this right, but I think I finally did. It starts out dry and clean and gradually morphs to peppery, rich precious woods. Nicely complex, as a crone should be. Good for honoring the crone in yourself or those you know, for honoring deities that manifest as crones, such as some versions of Hekate, and for dipping into the crone stream of knowledge. [this image is a 1720 painting by Balthasar Denner, "Portrait of an Old Woman"]

Crone Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $15.00

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring the Crone
Connecting to crone deities like Hekate
Working with Crone Knowledge

Using Magic Oils

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