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Dream OilDream Oil
I created this magic oil as an aid to prophetic dreaming. It is founded on five herbs important to dreamwork and divination: mugwort, chamomile, clary sage, hops, and yarrow. A number of them are ruled by Moon, the celestial force most connected to dreaming. Mugwort (Moon) has a long history as a divinatory aid, especially for prophetic dreaming. Clary sage (Moon) is encourages especially vivid dreams, and its warm scent also soothes anxiety, thus opening the way to the astral. Hops is a traditional sleeping aid and gives a feeling of warm expansiveness that is typical for a Sun herb and helpful for relaxing into the dream world. Chamomile is likewise calming and soothing but is ruled by Moon and so balances out the hops; it is also an herbal remedy for preventing nightmares, thus ensuring that the dreams that occur will not be frightening ones. And finally, yarrow (Venus) has historically been implicated in divination - the I Ching was originally cast with yarrow stalks, for example. This magick oil gets its olive citrine color naturally from the essential oils of yarrow and chamomile. The scent of this oil has reminded customers of the deep woods.



Dream Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $15.00

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