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Print of night blooming flowersNight Blooming Flying Oil
This floral flying oil, developed by Harold over a decade ago, focuses strongly on night-blooming flowers, which release their perfume to the Moon. The recipe, blended in a fractionated coconut oil base, includes flowers representing each of the planetary influences except Sun, which doesn't have too much of a role to play in a flying oil. For Saturn, tuberose and osmanthus are present. Gardenia, white rose, and night-blooming jasmine represent Venus. For Jupiter--the scent of carnation, and deep floral mimosa for Mars. Many flower scents, especially those of night-blooming flowers, have qualities that enhance trancework. In addition, this oil includes the Moon's favorite, clary sage, for its divinatory effects. For Mercury, a soft Australian white sandalwood is used, Night Blooming Flying Oilwhich allows the various scents to work together. Sandalwood also has its own long tradition in magic and trancework. This powerful, yet lovely, oil includes several very rare ingredients, all sourced from suppliers that we trust to reject synthetics, as we do. These rare natural perfumes increase its price, but we think they are worth it, as they make this oil truly unique.

Night Blooming Flying Oil is not meant for use on children or on animals, nor should it be taken internally. Shake gently before using. Top

Night Blooming Flying Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml)

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