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Full Moon OilFull Moon Oil
This new formulation of Full Moon Oil was crafted by Anthony and Aleia during the Super Moon before Beltane. Initially created for our personal spiritual work, we relied on the felt energy of the Moon itself. As we worked, we were bathed in moonlight streaming through the windows of our ritual space. Unlike most Alchemy Works oils, which can take months (and sometimes years) to perfect, this one came together in one night, bearing forth the ripe fecundity of the Beltane season--full, fertile, and bright--while also honoring the potent, mysterious, and transformative qualities present each time the Moon is full.

Our intention with this magic oil was to honor the wildness that the Full Moon brings alive in us, while also attending to the mystery and darkness present at this time: think werewolves and shapeshifters, Faeries reveling with humans, those dark shadows and shapes under the forest canopy (and in our unconscious) brought forth by the very same light that steals away our night vision. As followers of the Moon's cycles will observe, lunacy (the belief that changes of the moon can cause intermittent insanity) is a real phenomenon. Any attentive bartender or salesperson can attest to the strange transformations that take place when the silvery celestial globe is at its fullest.

Since the Full Moon is a time of action and of communication, we included dill, a Mercury herb that simultaneously calms the mind and sharpens concentration. Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), which draws its name from Artemis/Diana and is often considered a Moon scent, is here for protection--both from the spirits and from negative human intentions (including our own). Clary Sage, a quintessential Moon plant representing the clarity and light of this Moon cycle, aids in building magical skill and clairvoyance, and helps with dreamwork. Lemon, though often associated with the Sun, here is a harbinger of summer--warm and uplifting--and a bright protector offering light amidst darkness and guiding our decision making, as the full Moon often does. Pennyroyal, a scent used in Greek rituals of initiation, is present for the fertility of the Full Moon, and because of its ability to sedate and calm. We included lush, wet, night-blooming jasmine, which comes forward when you warm this oil between your hands. Ylang ylang, like jasmine, is also included for its uplifting and aphrodisiac qualities. These fragrances remind us of standing naked under the Full Moon--protected, yet deeply vulnerable. To bathe in Moonlight allows us to see and to be seen, whether we are with another or are engaged in the solitary process of opening up to ourselves--welcoming, tending to, and loving the primal parts that we so often repress.

These scents, in addition to a few others, come together to make a Full Moon oil that is clean and bright, yet also complex, generative and mysterious. Use it to aid in psychic awareness, for dreamwork, or as a way to assist with the ongoing cycle of opening to one's wildness. Like the lunatic who moves freely because she is not bound by convention, to bear oneself before the Full Moon is to deeply honor and experience the unquestionable influence that the Moon has on each of us, especially noticeable at its fullest. Top

Like all Alchemy Works products, this magic oil is completely natural and contain no synthetics, chemical extenders, or fragrance oils. Gentle warmth is required to release its full depth of scent. It should not be used on children or animals, nor should it be taken internally. Shake gently before using and store in a cool, dark place.

A note to returning patrons: We have a small amount of the previous Full Moon Oil available but can no longer source all of the ingredients. Please contact us via email if you would like the former version and we will see what we can do.

Full Moon Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $16.00

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