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Full Moon OilFull Moon Oil
This oil focuses on the Full Moon's tidal effects and gives the sense of being at the seashore beneath a Full Moon while the scent of musk roses drifts over you.The Full Moon is known particularly for its importance to the female body and to the plant and aquatic world. I chose the scent of rose to stand for this time for the female generative system and added palmarosa and geranium to add dimension to the rose and help it connect to the other scents. Oakmoss adds a deep muskyness to the rose scent, making it more Earth and more physical. During this lunar phase, the aerial parts of plants put on the most growth, and the chlorophyll represents this strong vegetative aspect. The touch of seaweed absolute adds a salty oceanic note for the tidal effect, and the violet leaf gives a big round Moon moistness. A natural extract of butter (milkiness is a Moon quality) adds soft fatness, and a bit of storax gives it Moon coolness. These scents are combined in pure jojoba harvested from plants grown without chemicals. Altogether this is a very pleasant rosey, and somewhat musky, salty scent. This oil is good for focusing on maturation, the fullness of growth, tying up the loose ends, and the connectedness of the human body to the celestial sphere. top

Full Moon Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $15.00

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