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Magic Oil - Hekate the Saffron-RobedHekate (Hecate) The Saffron-Robed
Myrrh, tobacco, cypress, lots of Earth smells (for the Underworld), and saffron are typically associated with this goddess. (One of the names applied in an Orphic hymn to Hekate is Krokopeplos / "Saffron-Robed".) This oil includes these scents but with a focus on her necromantic aspects. To sweeten the myrrh a little and to help in terms of raising spirits, we chose opoponax, with its associations with Pluto and Scorpio, the sign of secrets. As a signifier of the baneful plants connected with Hekate, we added (nicotine-free) tobacco absolute. Other botanicals mellow this oil and give it some musky depth. There's a lot of cypress, Hekate's sacred tree, in this oil, but we also wanted to gesture towards the fruitfulness of Hekate—the outcome of magical work done in her name. This fruit is not plump and sweet - not the kind of thing that will have juice running down your chin - but instead is somewhat dry and tart with a slight wine flavor, like an old-fashioned winter storage apple. This scent is crafted from earthy galbanum (which is strongest when the oil is first applied) and other essential oils with either earthy or winey, apple-like smells. The saffron's warmth and color call to mind the torches that Hekate uses to guide us to and from the Underworld. Saffron has a fiery aspect, but it is a strange fire, which we think suits Hekate just fine. Harold, Alchemy Works' founder, originally formulated this oil over two New Moons, incorporating some of that energy without duplicating the Dark of the Moon oil. Anthony, Alchemy Works' current owner and devotee of Hekate for 20+ years, has tweaked Harold's original formula ever-so-slightly based on his personal experiences working with this very old and powerful goddess. Top

Oil for Hekate the Saffron-Robed
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $17.00

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Working with Spirits
Journeying to the Underworld
Honoring Hecate as Guide

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