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Herbs of Venus OilHerbs of Venus Oil
This sweet but not flowery oil has fresh, herbal tones. It is made from the Goddess-associated herbs myrtle, bergamot mint, palmarosa, green milfoil (yarrow), and annual tansy in a base of sweet almond oil.
Myrtle, along with the dove, sparrow, and swan, represent the goddess Aphrodite/Venus. The myrtle is protective; in several Western cultures, myrtle trees protect women from violence, and so myrtle is considered a good ritual remedy for when one is threatened.
Bergamot mint's calming fragrance balances the spirit, helps fight depression, and alleviates stress, tension, and fatigue. The herb is sometimes rubbed on money to cause it to return to its owner--some carry a pinch in a wallet or purse for this reason--and it goes into spells about success.  
Palmarosa is a frequent ingredient in perfume or oils to evoke the Goddess. It is good for healing and to focus thoughts before a ritual.  Its scent helps lift spirits, relieve stress, refresh the mind, and clarify thoughts.
Green milfoil (yarrow) has often been associated with divination.  It is a good ingredient for dream pillows and for divinatory incense and tea. Yarrow has often been a device for divining the identity of one's future lover or determining whether one is truly loved. In the past, yarrow was used as a protectant of house and person against evil and hexes.
Tansy is associated with death in many cultures and thus represents the dark side of the Goddess in this formulation. It is connected with purification, immortality, funereal herb, good for death/rebirth, a classic in goddess myteries. This is annual tansy, a non-toxic tansy whose essential oil is blue, which accounts for the lovely color of this oil. This oil can be used by men or women and is good for works regarding prosperity, healing (physical and emotional), friendship, and Venus protection, which is especially effective against Mars magic (attack). It is also good for divination, containing relaxing herbal essences that act as doorways to the astral and that protect from attack, and works well as a natural perfume. Top

Herbs of Venus Oil
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