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HermesHermes' Favor (Luck) Oil
This deity, the Lord of Chance, is one I feel especially close to, so when someone asked me for a luck oil, I thought immediately of his influence and how it might be transformed into a scent both he and the user would find pleasing. That was pretty easy. I based this strongly on lavender, a scent very much associated with this deity, but I used lavender Seville, which is not at all like the fresh and sometimes harsh lavender we usually encounter. Instead, it is rich and almost fruity. This fits well, I think, with the aspect of this god that is connected to gambling--the good side of it, anyway. I deepened that richness with the luscious scents of labdanum and tonka bean. This oil is good for honoring Hermes but also helps the user feel good, and when you feel good, you play with more assurance. Should Hermes favor you, remember to show him honor by, for instance, donating to travelers' aid societies or simply helping someone on the road in his name. Good luck! If you are looking for an oil specifically for honoring Hermes, check this one out.

Hermes' Favor (Luck) Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $16.50

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Games of Chance
Prosperity Spells
Mercury Work

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