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Kitchen Witch OilKitchen Witch Oil
Wrap yourself in a green cloak of wortcunning with this oil, designed to assist in rites conducted during the Waxing Moon that help bring a work to completion and for dreamwork. It evokes a cottage herb garden on a warm sunny day and the harvest, drying, and storing of green herbs for future magical use. Green herbs traditionally associated with European witchcraft - clary sage, mugwort, chamomile, wormwood, and blue tansy - are combined with a few herby scents from the vegetable garden - carrot seed, tomato leaf, tarragon, and cepes - because cooking is also a transformative art. These get just a little sweetness with lavender, rose geranium, and a touch of ylang ylang. The scent is a mellow, slightly sweet green until the oil dries, when sun-warmed hay, raw beeswax, and tonka bean combine to hint of wine-rich cured herbs in a leather pouch (although no actual leather or animal products are used). These scents come the aerial parts of plants, which makes this oil especially powerful during the waxing Moon, and since many of the herbs have astral properties, this is also a good blend for preparing for divination or dreamwork. Just a great, friendly oil! As usual, no synthetic anything!

Kitchen Witch Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $15.00

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