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Malkuth OilMalkuth Oil (Earth), Hermetic Qabalah Style
This sephirah is what magical workers must master in order to be successful at what they do. The perfume usually assigned to this sephira is dittany of Crete. I was able to infuse some oil with dittany of Crete I grew last summer, with which I combined a dittany of Crete bouquet I created from various essential oils, including oregano, lemon, rosemary, mastic, and others. It is a richly herby scent that has darkened wonderfully with age and now smells as if it has touches of frankincense and earth. Malkuth represents the physical world in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as well as the divine presence in that world, which is known as the Shekhinah. It is often shown as a young woman wearing a crown; it is the bride or the queen (Malkah), a reflection of Binah--and in some perspectives of the Kabbalah, Binah is the throne upon which Malkah/Malkuth sits. Malkuth is Mother Earth, Gaia, but also the entire universe. It is in Malkuth that natural magic occurs and that one has the vision of one's Holy Guardian Angel. I chose the crow as a symbol here because this sephira coincides with the first step in the alchemical process, which is symbolized by the crow. The fermentation that the crow represents means that for the first stage of knowing, one has to act and to let go.  Top

Malkuth (Shekhinah/Earth), Hermetic Qabalah Style
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $15.00

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