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Moonfire Oil
This is a very limited edition oil, as I cannot get one of the ingredients any longer. I started with carnation for this oil, because certain carnations are important in helping with divination and because real carnation, since it's so expensive, is rarely used in magic oils (usually it's a synthetic). The next important component was of course clary sage, a very dependable herb for dreamwork in particular. I added geranium to give it a still more herby scent, and geranium provides the 'Fire' here. The final ingredient is a natural lilac bouquet. I always think of lilac as having a very Moon scent--very watery, to me, and sweet but not overpowering--soft. At first smell, the clary sage and the geranium are very out front, but gradually they fade and the carnation and the natural lilac bouquet come forward in a very soft, powdery scent that feels very Moon to me. Good for all sorts of Moon work, especially various types of divination. Enjoy! Top

Moonfire Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $15.00

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