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Sanctuary Forthwith Oil Bottles on a bed of Copal, Frankincense and CardamomSanctuary Forthwith Oil
Sanctuary Forthwith is an oil of protection. Unlike protection oils designed to shield us from external threat, Aleia developed Sanctuary Forthwith Oil to support the inner process of becoming a sanctuary for oneself and for others. Inspired by the Buddhist practice of taking refuge, Sanctuary Forthwith Oil is intended to remind us that the qualities we seek outside of ourselves are already present within. Crafted from plants long associated with protection, safety, purification, and opening, this warm, smooth, and comforting blend is an invitation to come home to this moment just as it is, to this self just we are, and to the sanctuary of our deepest nature, which is always-already courageous, wise, openhearted, wakeful, and inherently safe.

When we use any magical oil or incense, it is worth remembering that these concoctions are made from once-living plants. This fosters our ability to notice and work with their potent energies and also reminds us of the interconnected nature we share as beings. Sanctuary Forthwith Oil leads with Olibanum, for centering and making safe, which is combined with Balsam of Peru for purification and consecration, then blended with Copal, which also purifies, protects, and was used for healing wounds. Frankincense offers spiritual and emotional uplift, protection without constriction, and a continual invitation to open into what is here. Cardamom lends courage and energetic clarity, while Silver Firís shapeshifting properties invite us into radical empathy, which moves in all directions (including inward) and can help us to see past the limiting stories we tell so that we discover what is truly here. Torchwood (Amyris) helps us find balance, enabling further relaxation. As we settle into the deeper safety and freedom present within us, we can learn to expand and become sanctuary for others, including Earth and the countless inhabitants with whom we share this fragile yet resilient planet. A hint of Rosemary, the "rose of the sea," finishes the blend, lending a gentle reminder that much of this work takes place beneath the surface levels of thought and conscious intention.

Sanctuary Forthwith Oil in jar with Buddha statue and quartz At its deepest level, to take refuge or find sanctuary is no different than to become refuge and give sanctuary. To undertake this process means recognizing the energy of our own being as inseparable from the energy of all beings—including animals, plants, ecosystems, etc. To rest safe in this recognition is a profoundly transformative and empowering experience. Over time and with regular practice—meditation, ritual, chanting, sacred dance, sigil making, prayer, trancework, etc.—we learn how to meet whatever arises amidst our external circumstances with internal clarity, confidence, and even ease. As we accept the invitation to find sanctuary right here amidst the ever-unfolding now, we come to understand that regardless of external circumstances, at the deepest level of our being we are safe already. We have what we need and we can rest here, wide open and welcoming. We have sanctuary. We are sanctuary. And we can share sanctuary forthwith!

Like all Alchemy Works products, Sanctuary Forthwith Oil is made of natural ingredients and contains no synthetics. Blended in a fractionated coconut base, this gentle oil can be applied directly to the skin or used as a natural perfume. However, it is not meant for use on children or on animals, nor should it be taken internally. Shake gently before using. Top


Sanctuary Forthwith Oil
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Training Awareness
Cultivating Courage
Opening the Heart

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