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SaturnSaturn Oil
Saturn is a great teacher, helping us learn our limits and to slow down. We wanted to make an oil that allowed our spirits to experience the full depth of this planetary stream rather than relegating us to the narrow perspective of the "malefic" Saturn (and the stinky scents that traditionally go with that). So we chose Saturn-ruled plant materials that are fragrant for this oil. The oil begins with the expected dry cypress, favored wood for making sarcophagi; resinous opoponax, the sweet myrrh that takes us into the beyond; and earthy galbanum, the fragrance of fresh soil. These scents connect to Saturn's Underworld but also underground connections (remember that Saturnus was also the god of agriculture and of wealth from beneath the ground). These combine with rich tobacco flavored with berry (in honor of the sweet berries of belladonna, a quintessentially Saturnian plant), and the flowers of Saturn-ruled fragrant olive, which smell like apricot. These capture the harvest side of Saturn. To the sweet and earthy scents we add some Saturnian funk with hemp ("unleaded") and a touch of tomato leaf; both these plants are ruled by Saturn but provide nourishment and enjoyment to humans instead of toxicity. In this way, this magic oil directs us to focus on Saturn as a fully three-dimensional force that is capable of enormous depths. Use it for sny Saturnian tasks: self-discipline, learning one's limits (both positive and negative), having the courage to stand alone, investigating the shadow side, slowing down, handling fear, digging deep into the subconscious or the past--or the Underworld, ageing gracefully and reaping the rewards of the elder, cursing as a means of teaching rather than destroying, and working with restrictions.

Saturn Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $16.50

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Learning Limits
Shadow Exploration
Digging Deep
The Rewards of Ageing
Honoring Saturn

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Using Magic Oils

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