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SekhmetScarlet Lady, An Oil for Sekhmet
I've created an oil for this deity that incorporates the concepts of heat, blood, drink, and sun. It has the sunny richness of frankincense and olibanum, desert warmth from spices, a touch of pomegranate, a dollop of hops, and the red of dragon's blood. The overall scent is warm and rich. This magic oil is good for aggressive and war magic, protection of a solar, enveloping kind, and for connecting to the feminine. Sekhmet is a warrior goddess of the Egyptian pantheon. Like Set, whom she defeated, she is connected to the desert (her breath created the desert) and to the color red (she is known as the Scarlet Lady). In her case, red stands not only for the blood of battle but for the blood of menstruation. She is also associated with the sun and with rulership, protecting the Pharoah with arrows of fire--she sounds like an older diety who was "adopted" by the more modern Egyptian gods that were associated with the pharoahs. She is a violent deity, bringing diseases, war, and the hot desert winds that destroy crops. In a later story, she once became so angry that she began to destroy the world and was stopped by drinking what she thought was blood but what was actually pomegranate juice mixed with beer, upon which she became drunk. Her worshippers would get drunk on beer in imitation of her. However, she was not all violence; she also ruled over the cures for diseases, and her priests were considered on a par with physicians. She is known as the Avenger of Wrongs, Mistress of Dread, and the Lady of Slaughter.  Top

Scarlet Lady (Sekhmet) Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $15.00

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Warrior Magic
Attack Magic
Solar Protection
Honoring the Feminine Divine

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