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Agrippa's Seven Aromaticks Oil
In his Renaissance classic on magic, Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Agrippa discusses various planetary (and zodiacal) associations of scents. In fact, I took his recommendations for planetary suffumigations as the basis for some planetary incense that I made. But in that same paragraph, he describes the ingredients for a scent that is especially powerful magically because it involves all the classical planets: pepperwort for Saturn, nutmeg for Jupiter, aloeswood for Mars, mastic for the Sun, saffron for Venus, cinnamon for Mercury, and myrtle for the Moon. For years I've thought about making an oil to fit this but held back because of the expense of some of the ingredients, especially aloeswood and saffron. Plus just reading the list made me wonder exactly how these very different ingredients would co-exist in an oil without fighting. But finally I decided to try my hand at it, considering that the co-existence might be in the proportions. And that worked really well. This oil, consisting of such oppositions as myrtle and saffron, ended up smelling pretty good. And beauty, such as a good smell, is as important to magic as is intention or knowledge or appropriate time. This oil is all-purpose, incorporating all the planetary energies, and so can be used for all sorts of ritual, consecration, spellwork, and anointing (although as usual, do not use on animals or children). It is more expensive than my other oils on account of the saffron, mastic, and aloeswood, three quite costly ingredients that compose about 2/3s of the fragrance profile. Top

Seven Aromaticks Oil
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