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Shapeshifter OilShapeshifter Oil
This magic oil pays homage to the shapeshifter, who walks the borders between the wild and the so-called civilized world and is not afraid to make drastic changes. Three of its ingredients represent the wild woods--silver fir, vetiver root, and oakmoss. Three stand for animal muskiness--patchouli, ambrette seed, and mitti (an ancient distillation of baked earth into white sandalwood oil). Silver fir is Ailim in the Ogham, the Druid alphabet. The silver fir grows on the highest, wildest parts of the hills, and thus stands for clear vision. Because it is flexible, it also is the tree most associated with shapeshifting. Vetiver is an Earth herb that reaches deep into the soil to distill the incredible fragrance of the forest floor--wet leaves. Oakmoss is both mossy and musky, an Earth herb connected to death/birth. As such it fits well with shapeshifting, where one crosses the cusp dividing two states of being. Patchouli is another favorite Earth scent that is strongly aphrodisiac, helping us get in touch with our physical selves; it is often an ingredient in vegetable musks. Ambrette (musk) seed is an Earth herb that is one of the best vegetable musks. Mitti adds depth to the muskiness and a strong connection to the Earth. These herbs are combined in fractionated coconut oil to make a scent that is woodsy, mossy, and musky--very warm and furry. The oil is a beautiful golden color. Because the musk scents in this oil are all vegetable based and non-synthetic, you can enjoy it guilt-free and worry-free.

Magickally, this oil is good for keeping all four paws on the ground in chaotic times and is generally nice for grounding. Harold created this oil to honor something in shapeshifters that the entire Alchemy Works team admires very much--the recognition and treasuring of our commonality with the rest of the animal world and the magnitude of the animal spirit. As the climate crisis intensifies it becomes even more important for humans to have personal experiences with the animal world in a deep, yet sustainable, way. Afterall, we protect what we know and what we love. Whether you live in the deep woods, are out on a weekend camping trip, or simple enjoy watching the birds from your apartment window, this oil can be used to foster and strengthen our shared connection to the natural world and the myriad beings who, like us, rely on it to survive.

Because it contains oakmoss as a primary ingredient, this oil should not be used by anyone pregnant or nursing, on those with broken, sensitive or diseased skin, or by anyone who suffers from dermal allergies. As always, this oil is not meant for use on children or on animals, nor should it be taken internally. Shake gently before using.

Shapeshifter Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml) $18.00

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Connecting with the Animal World

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