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Spikenard OilSpikenard Oil
This glorious Earth scent is mildly sedating but does not cause loss of awareness and so is often used for meditation. The musky, earthy, planty scent comes from the oil of the rhizome and is often combined with valerian in medicine for treatment of hysteria. This scented oil is made from the essential oil and golden jojoba, not petrochemicals. I am now using a more expensive CO2-distilled spikenard that smells even better. It makes a wonderful natural perfume--it's one of my personal favorites. The smell in the bottle is not the same as the smell after application. The musky scent evaporates quickly, leaving a very pleasant, cool, sweet scent, so don't be put off by the immediate smell. Top

Spikenard Oil
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spikenard essential oil

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