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Mentha spicataMentha spicata - Spearmint  

This is my favorite mint because its flavor is sweeter and smoother than the others. Cooling and watery, it is associated with Venus. Its essential oil is very calming.  This is a very popular garden plant in North America, Germany, and Holland.  This mint works as a mild local anaesthetic and is good for digestive problems.  It stimulates the mind and can help with migraines (peppermint can be a bit irritating with a migraine).  Spearmint is good for the skin, especially in cases of acne, because it has antiseptic properties.  Likewise, spearmint tea can help sooth bronchitis.  Generally, this herb is good for healing and protection--and it makes great mint juleps. 

How to grow Spearmint:  Sow on surface and keep moist to germinate in 15 days at 70F. Transplant to moist, rich soil in partial shade, especially where it's hot or the sun is intense.  It likes fertilizer, so side dress liberally with Black Cow.  It can be propagated by root divisions and by cuttings once it is established.  Mint can be invasive, so keep an eye on it or grow it where it has plenty of room.  You can also grow it in pots and indoors.  It is a perennial in zones 6-10 and an annual elsewhere.  It can get 3 feet tall. Harvest when the flowers being to develop. General growing info


Mentha spicata
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Healing Spells
Protection Spells
Venus Herb

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