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Nicotiana sylvestrisNicotiana sylvestris
Woodland Tobacco
This wonderful plant is a good example of how a Saturn herb can be poisonous and attractive at the same time. The beautiful elongated trumpet-shaped flowers bloom in summer and at dusk give off a luxurious jasmine-like scent, which some say gives evidence of an Air of Venus aspect. This versatile magickal herb is also used for Fire and is an ingredient in some Mars incense.  This plant is a great way to grow tobacco for workings but still have something ornamental (on the level of scent) for your garden. And it's a wonderful addition to the Moon garden.

Woodland tobacco is an annual in temperate zones and a perennial in areas without a winter freeze.  A bold plant, it gets 3-5ft/.9-1.5m feet high with leaves up to 18in/45cm across. It becomes sticky with resins and catches mosquitoes. It is pollinated by moths and self-sows easily. This has much more nicotine than commercial tobacco types, and so it is not good for smoking.  Nicotine makes a great pesticide, but don't get it on you, as it's poisonous. Plant this by your back door and be enveloped by its scent on the way out to the yard on summer evenings. Top

Nicotiana sylvestris flowersHow to grow Nicotiana sylvestris:  If you can grow tomatoes, you can grow this plant.  Sprinkle the tiny seeds on wet Jiffy-7 pellets and just lightly pat in with the tip of your finger.  Use bottom watering.  They germinate in 5-15 days at 70-80F/21-27C.  Transplant out on a cloudy day or at dusk when the leaves are 2in/5cm long.  Plant in partial shade or sun.  It likes moist, rich soil (no standing water).  Tobacco is a heavy feeder, so make sure the soil is enriched with plenty of compost, especially if it is heavy clay (sticks together when you squeeze it), and spray the plant with kelp and fish emulsion regularly.  Tobacco gives a lot, but it takes a lot too, whether as an herb or as a citizen of the garden. General growing info Top


Nicotiana sylvestris
Woodland Tobacco
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Saturn Herb
Fire Herb
Baneful Work

Moon Garden Plant

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