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online classes in baneful herbs New Online Classes Coming Spring 2021: The Witching Herbs & Their Uses, and Kabbalah & Magic
Harold Roth will be teaching two classes in the Spring of 2021. Reserve your spots today!

"The Witching Herbs & Their Uses will give you a good solid basis for working the Poison Path. It involves the study of herbs traditionally a part of witchcraft magical aids, including poppy, black nightshade, deadly nightshade, henbane, mandrake, and more. You'll learn their lore as well as how to grow, harvest, and use them in your work. We will review formulas for tinctures, oils, and ointments from Early Modern times and later, such as Unguentum Populeum, and more." You can sign up for the Witching Herbs and Their Uses here.

"Kabbalah & Magic focuses on Kabbalistic magic from its roots in the first millenium to modern times. We'll cover ancient angel magic (Hekhalot), the work of the Chariot (Merkavah), practices of the Zohar, Lurianic (Tree of Life) work, Ecstatic Kabbalah (working towards prophecy), Abramelin & its Kabbalistic roots, the Golem, making talismans, Baalei Shem (masters of divine names for magical practice), the forms of the Shekhinah (divine feminine), yihudim (unification of male and female god forms), occult QBLH (roots in Renaissance Christianity, Dion Fortune, Golden Dawn, etc.), and finally, Sitra Achra (the other side of the Tree of Life) and klippot (the husks)." You can sign up for Kabbalah & Magic here.

Both classes class will involve videos, images, and articles posted weekly for 12 weeks as well as questions & answers. Harold will try to have some Zoom meetings too. You can pay all at once, monthly, or weekly. If you choose a payment plan, you can drop the class at any time and the charges will stop, but previous charges for lessons you've already taken won't be refunded. These medieval students and their teacher are enjoying their class. I know I will enjoy teaching, and I hope you will enjoy participating!