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online classes in baneful herbsOnline Classes
Six Baneful Herbs
Jan 8 - Mar 25, 2020
I'll be teaching Six Baneful Herbs again beginning January 8, 2020. This class focuses on six baneful herbs important to many magical paths: thornapple, black nightshade, wild tobacco, henbane, belladonna, and mandrake. For each plant covered, we'll do one session of info and one session the following week of your questions answered. We'll cover how to grow and cultivate these babies as well as harvesting and uses--from making tinctures, oils, flying ointments, powders, special incense mixtures, magic inks, drying and dressing roots, unique sigils, and for some, jellies, additions to wines/liqueurs, and more. All the classes will be online through videos featuring yours truly each week. You'll be able to view them for a year after they are posted. There will also be supplementary materials and a closed Facebook group for student interaction and discussion. If you choose a payment plan, you can drop the class at any time and the charges will stop, but previous charges for lessons you've already taken won't be refunded. These medieval students and their teacher are enjoying their class. I know I will enjoy teaching it, and I hope you will enjoy participating!

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