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Papaver glaucumPapaver glaucum
Tulip poppy
A native of the Near East, this Moon annual poppy is closely related to Papaver somniferum.  It is smaller, only 18-20"/45-50cm high, and its round, smooth pods are correspondingly smaller, 3/4"/2cm long. The leaves are more deeply lobed than the leaves of P. somniferum.  The flowers are 2.5-4"/6-10cm wide and are the classic scarlet with black blotches, but the inner petals do not flatten out; they stay upright, like a tulip.  One plant can produce as many as 50 flowers.  It grows in classic poppy territory, on sandy, rocky mountainsides from Turkey to Saudi Arabia, usually at high elevations.  This plant is used medicinally in its native area, but I have not been able to find out how. This pic was sent in by a kind customer in the UK. Top

How to grow Tulip Poppy: Grow like Papaver somniferum.


Papaver glaucum
Tulip Poppy
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Moon Herb

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