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Sour Rose PhiltreSour Rose / Chainbreaker Mist

I designed this philtre specifically to break Venus binding spells, whether those chains come from magic or the heart and mind. It is based on a 100-year-old apothecary's formula that I modified for magical use. I tincture rose petals in white wine vinegar, then add natural spirits of rose and rosewater. This sour rose (= Aceta Rosae) is helpful in undermining not only Venus magic but also bad habits of the narcissistic kind (self-love to the point of toxicity). Vinegar--literally soured wine--has a refreshing ability and wipes away mental and spiritual cobwebs (and echoing this action, on the physical plane, it is antiseptic). The philtre smells somewhat vinegary at first, but when it dries, it leaves behind a dusty rose scent that changes into a sweet rose fragrance that is very nice and lasting. I like the symbolism of this transformation: the sourness of a binding love is broken and the heart then is free to bloom on its own terms. Sour Rose can help one come out of a souring relationship with another, help free from infatuation, or break apart a narcissistic aspect of oneself. It's also good for freshening the air in the sick room. Spray where you want the transformation to occur, whether in a room, around a person, in the air around yourself, etc. Don't spray on children or animals.

Sour Rose / Chainbreaker Mist
2 oz. $15.00

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Busting love spells
Breaking bad habits

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